Established 2002

Veteran and Minority Owned Business.

Regardless of the location, we can meet your dry goods transportation requirements. Our company is exceptional at moving your dry goods regionally or nationwide. We have the best tools for moving fresh, frozen, or chilled items. Your load will be delivered to its destination fast with our expedited services.

Auto Transportation Services

Your automobile will go from point A to point B thanks to the expertise of our top-rated auto transport business, so you won’t have to lift a finger.

Refrigerated and/or Dry Goods Transportation

Regardless of the location, we can meet your dry goods transportation requirements. Our company is exceptional at moving your dry goods regionally or nationwide.

Vehicles Sales

We help you in every situation by being reliable and having a good reputation in our auto sales service.


We are a full-service transportation company committed to providing the best possible service for our clients. We offer reliable storage services in Tucker, GA, and believe that our business’s success depends on our clients’ satisfaction.


We understand the importance of keeping your business moving forward at all times, so we offer comprehensive distribution services tailored to your needs. We have been working hard to build a reputation as one of the leading service providers of distribution services in the Tucker area.

Product Sourcing 

We specialize in innovative product-sourcing solutions for general clients and businesses. We understand that quality transportation goes hand in hand with quality products. That’s why we take a hands-on approach to every project we work on, from product research to delivery.

What We Offer

Cost Effectiveness In Transportation

C Spann Transportation runs efficiently & we continue to offer one of the most affordable costs in the business without sacrificing the quality of our top-notch service.

Potential To Its Full Capacity

Our trailers are comfortable, roomy, and well-equipped. Just let us know how big your cargo is, and we'll ensure you have the equipment and trailer size you need to fulfill your demands. We take care of your goods and carry them as if they are our fragile stuff.

Transportation Safety By All Means

We maintain a stellar safety record through adequate vehicle upkeep and arduous driver training. With us, your cargo is secure. Safety is ensured & always prioritized by our skilled drivers to everyone's advantage.

Diversity Of Amenities

Our extensive services are created to satisfy the particular requirements of each client. Our skilled and educated team will promptly and carefully meet your transportation needs. C Spann Transportation takes over every situation and helps you through our reliable transportation.

Perks You Enjoy

Our delivery staff will take every measure to ensure that your goods are correctly stored and protected from the potential risks associated with transportation. You can always count on us to deliver your goods on time and in perfect condition at their destination. With convenience, reliability, and a commitment to our clients – this is the goal we strive for every day!



Dry Goods

Fresh, Frozen & Refrigerated Items

Vehicles: Car, Bike & Truck

Your Inquiry

When requesting a shipment, customers should provide as much information as possible. This includes the full delivery address with contact details of the recipient, the expected timescale for delivery, and any special instructions regarding access or handling requirements. With all this information in hand, we can confidently arrange the best service options available so customers can trust their items will get there on time and without complications.

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